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Address Verification

Verify an applicant's address details including Period of Stay, Neighbour Reputation etc.

Education Verification

Effective way to determine the validity and accuracy of an applicant's Academic history.

Criminal Record Verification

Identify criminal convictions or lack thereof so that you can hire with confidence.

Employment Verification

Validate an applicant's previous employment details including length of employment, position, and rehire eligibility.

Court Record Verification

Search Court Records for criminal/Civil convictions so that you can hire with confidence.


Profile Verification

Verify an applicant's Complete Profile, Period of Stay, Reputation, Income, Health Status etc.

Document Verification

We get the Documents verified like Passport, ITR, Form 16, Telephone Bills, Ration Card, Voter Id, DL, Aadhar Card etc.

Discreet Verifications

Discreetly Verify an applicant, Vendor, Company Profile Completely - Customized Checks

Doctor Seeding

Custom Verification of a Clinic / Hospital / Diagnostic Center / Doctor with client specific queries.

Income Proof Verification

Validate applicants sources of Income with document proofs, along with authorization.


Credit History Verification

Can identify if an applicant has any accounts in collections, open loans, Credit History, etc.

Global Database Verification

The Worlds Widest Coverage Database is searched with applicant details for Blacklisting, civil litigation, criminal, credit etc

Vendor Profile Verification

Verify your vendors past history, current status, Nature of business, Employees etc before onboarding.

Reference Verification

Reference check is the best way to determine what an applicant is really like, his character, work etc

Drug Test

Insulate your organization from workplace accidents, violence and rising health care costs.

HR Life Cycle Management

Small Businesses often dont have the time and expertise to deal with specialized HR Issues in an expedient way. We Put together several packages designed to meed the needs of smaller and emerging companies.

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Tenant Verification

Know if your prospective tenant has had a criminal past, previous address history, has defaulted in his rent payment at his previous tenancy or has a steady, regular job or a source of income to pay the rent timely.

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Matrimonial Verification

We have a team of experts who will verify the credential of the bride/groom as per client requirement. We provide you Pre-Matrimonial services that helps you to have an indepth knowledge about your partner.

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Security Services

As a part of our Group Companies, We provide Guarding security services - Our security personnel are qualified to handle all kinds of guarding services. They are trained in self-defense, basic weapon use, fire-fighting, first-aid and others.

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